Redefining the Care in Aged Care

Telehealth and Wellness Monitoring for Aged Care


Doctors, empowered with the platform’s technology and access to clinical data can now provide aged care residents with the same level of engagement and interaction via telehealth as they could in a face-to-face engagement.

are just some of the things the doctor can do

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Monitoring vitals

A wellness monitoring solution where resident’s vitals can be collected automatically on a scheduled or on-demand basis by nurses or residents themselves. With automatic alerting to the relevant people for out of threshold vitals, the residents health is at the heart of the system.

Works for everyone involved in the care of residents

Designed specifically for aged care and benefiting all stakeholders

Aged Care Providers




Carers, Guardians & Family

The doctor can really see you now


Removing all the hurdles for doctors

To avoid the challenges of getting residents to the GP and unnecessary hospital admissions, the Health Teams telehealth platform replicates a face-to-face consultation and eliminates the hurdles GPs have with using traditional telehealth solutions:

Monitor wellness for optimal health

Monitoring  and quantifying the health of residents on a regular basis is an important part of Health Teams. 

Communication and transparency is at the core of good care.

Health Teams is, at its core, a communication system

Caring for an elderly resident takes a team of caring, informed and involved people. Communication between team members is paramount to a successful health journey for each resident.

Best in class enterprise-grade security and privacy

Your security and the privacy of resident’s data is a top priority. With best of breed technology stacks powered by Microsoft innovation and hosted in-country in a secure Azure cloud environment, the Health Teams platform conforms to the Australian Privacy Principles adopted by the Federal Government and is designed to cater for future enhancements in diagnostic devices and AI. Feel confident that data sovereignty is guaranteed, with military-grade data security applied to empower users to deliver real-time insights from one unified platform safely.  

The technology just works - 24x7

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Throat Scope

A tongue depressor which clips onto a phone and illuminates the area being viewed. The phone captures the images of the mouth

Weight Scale

Bluetooth Weight scale that transmits weight to the mobile and stored on the cloud database


An ear scope which clips onto a phone and through refraction an image of the ear canal can be viewed by the remote doctor

ThinkLabs Stethoscope

The worlds best Digital Stethoscope for Doctors to listen to hearts and lungs in real time via telehealth

The Team

Health Teams Pty Ltd was founded in 2021 by Jonathan Klug and Michael Badran, who between them have over 26 years of Digital Health experience.

We are delivering a platform to solve real challenges Aged Care providers face in providing the best possible clinical care to their residents. By empowering nurses and doctors with tools, devices and access to clinical, data health outcomes will improve for aged care residents.

We are excited by this venture as not only will it deliver workforce efficiencies for providers but it will assist elderly people in obtaining care where and when they need it whilst having their health monitored on a regular basis. It is the only system in Australia of its type for the Aged Care sector.

We have made the complexity of bringing a significant range of technologies together into a simple, easy to use platform.